1 Ply VS 2 Ply

Everybody knows the answer to this one, but do they really know the truthful answer and why? Sales on 1 ply toilet tissue are at an all time low. Right next to tree leaves in fact. Why is that? Are we all so spoiled that we need the softness and comfort of the best pillowy 3 ply there is?
Here’s the truth in three sentences or less. Tissue products in the JanSan world are better than they have ever been. This is due in part to the sustainability movement, and more importantly due to common sense. As a homeowner with a septic tank and a typical family I have to tell you, excess consumption is never made up for by the most responsibly created tissue products in the world. Regardless, our key manufacturers all have septic safe tissue products. We guarantee it and have documentation to prove it. One ply tissue users have been shown to use up to 2.5 times as many feet per use! Questions anyone? 

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