Absorbents: What do you Need to Know?

Spills happen. Far more often than you might expect in fact. So what do you need to know for your workplace? A spill kit is helpful no matter where you work. If you do nothing but shuffle paper I guess you can be exempt; but obviously you wouldn’t have made it this far would you? Even a simple coffee spill can create a hazard. Under most circumstances you can quickly clean it up and move on, but let’s just consider this possibility. You have 12 customers in your office and a team of two to help you to serve them. What happens when one of your clients drops a coffee? Just place a wet floor sign and run? It’s a start, but better yet why not just drop an absorbent pad on the spill? It takes every bit as long as getting the wet floor sign but you benefit from a dual-purpose spill absorbent pad. It’s kind of like a combination screw driver/ hammer, but it makes sense. A whole lot neater than traditional clay absorbents and far more effective.


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