Another Recommendation for Reduction

We’ve all heard the term before, hard and soft costs. Does it fit into our regular spectrum every day? Not too visibly I guess. Back in 1982 I first met Andy Vince from Molynke tissue. He was showing us the center pull towel and extolling its virtues. At the time I saw it and said wow nice stuff, but what the heck…. $61.00 a case? And it’s smaller than a case of roll towels that cost $32.00 at the time. What was the biggest improvement that center pull towels offered? They had 720 more sheets per case in a box half the size of a typical case of single fold towels. They were vastly more absorbent and generally nicer to use. Typically, European Molynke built a waste reduction of 64% into every case of center pull towels. How? Simply by allowing the towel to have a memory they fit more than double the number of towels into a typical garbage can. Until recently this wasn’t much of an issue here. Crowded landfills have forced us to look in a different direction as well. Maybe the idea of a case that costs a tiny bit more isn’t that big of a deal after all. Try center pull paper towel and see the difference for yourself.

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