Another Recommendation in Reduction Part 2

Reduction creates redundancy for my company. Why would I work so hard to get the message across? If I don’t someone else will. The beloved Singlefold towel. Loved by everyone but those who pay for them I guess. Do you remember when you were young going to the washroom to wash your hands (if you did…)? I was a typical 10-year old boy when I first became aware of wastage and not by my own will of course. I was at a restaurant with my family when I decided to go to the restroom. After I washed my hand,s like I always did when using a restroom, I went to dry my hands. I took 11 Singlefold towels to dry my hands and I wish I was the one counting. The owner watched me spoil his profits as I took well over four times as many towels as I needed. He knew my father and that my Father sold towels and tissue, so he had to let him know. He said hey Cec! I think you have a little salesman at work today. He really likes to help your business along doesn’t he. Need I say much more.
In most offices where people dry their hands with Singlefold towels they clean up spills, use them for napkins,  as well as a myriad of other uses. By installing Torkmatic Towel dispensers you will reduce the number of towels consumed by a minimum of 50%. We can prove it. On our dime. Ask us for a free trial!

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