Backpacking- A Better Way to Vacuum

Have you ever backpacked across Europe?  If so, you have one on me.  And truthfully, I am jealous, but onto the real discussion.
Why do fewer Canadians use backpack vacuums than other North American folks?  We are complete wimps the Americans tell us.  Backpack vacuums clean up to three times as fast as upright vacuums and break 68% less! What’s to lose? Not much if you ask me. Backpacks are easier on the body, clean quicker, better and easier.  Upright vacuums however, are hard on your back, upper body in general and your wrist.  Tell me why backpacks aren’t better? Now that cordless battery backpacks are commonplace there is nothing to hold you back from burning a hundred-mile trail with a backpack vacuum.  We will revisit this one with some more solid, concrete facts and numbers in a future blog.

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