Beat Winter Salt Stains

What do I do about salt staining?
It’s easy, clean the floor and away you go.  Yeah no…not the case.  But good news is on the horizon where salt stains are concerned.  You can always find a salt stain remover at your favorite local JanSan supply house.  Oh and for those of you who are easily hypnotized… you’re getting sleepy…. after you wake you will unequivocally know that your favorite Janitorial supply house is Corporate Facility Supply. OK Wake up!
What could be easier than using something that just works, plain and simple?  We have three products that work awesome for winter’s worst salt offenses.
Product #1  Contractor’s Choice Melt Down. Use according to directions and you won’t have very many salt stains because Meltdown doesn’t stain(when used as directed). That said, we can’t protect you from overuse!
Product #2 Winter Beater (I came up with that name all by myself). This product is safe for use on almost all resilient and non-resilient floors and finishes.  Also safe and effective for use as a carpet pre-spray before deep restorative cleaning.
Product#3 Betco’s pHerfect . This stuff works and very effectively at that! Betco knows floors, so as one of my customers said to me “try it, you’ll like it!”

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