Carpets Where Have They Gone?

Twenty-two years ago I was building my first home.  Most of the place was carpet, but within about three years everything was hardwood and porcelain.  Why?  I can’t remember a good reason.  Just the same, I assume that my reasoning was like most people’s. Carpets can be a hassle to keep clean.  Living in the country with a Labrador Retriever and a huge muddy yard it just made sense to switch to hardwood.  In reality carpets aren’t all that difficult to clean, nor are they any less sanitary than hard floors.  I find them a lot warmer and certainly easier on my feet.  In the early 60’s carpets were making a comeback. Some thirty years later the trend reversed itself. Following the trends of the construction and decoration industry is not for me.  Following the trends of flooring however is my responsibility. My guess is that things will go full circle again.  Hard floors in most businesses are reality even if they cost six times as much to maintain. Yup 6+ times as much as carpet annually.  Scary fact.  Chances are that technology will offer us a better hybrid with all the benefits of hard floors but the comfort of carpet.

The benefits of Hard Floors:
• They don’t show wear as quickly
• They are quicker to clean
• They don’t trap odours
• Getting a stain off a hard floor is easier
The benefits of Carpets:
• They are quieter
• They are gentler to walk on
• They stop dust and soil
• They don’t need coatings
• They cost less to maintain

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