Centaur Quality-Made to Last

If you have ever driven a truck you will understand my thoughts as I describe Centaur.  I liken Centaur Cleaning equipment to the Mack Truck. Tough. Durable. Made to last.
In the mid-seventies Tony Lelkes, a Hungarian expat, left Burnside (his employer at the time) to start his own endeavor.  Within weeks Burnside disappeared and Centaur took over the best in class category of industrial Canadian Made vacuums.  Yes, you heard it here!  Canadian Made matters, we all know that.  The big question is can we afford it?  In this case yes, we can. Centaur is the best you can buy for about 30 cents more on the dollar. Way back when, my grandfather sold Centaur all over the place.  The wonderful truth is that a good many of those vacuums are still operational, in fact we still see them from time to time.  I can ramble about quality and durability but the reality is, they last for a really long time.  Try one.  I will stake my reputation on it.

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