Cha Cha Changes

Over the 28 years I have been in this industry, I have come to realize that it is an industry in a constant state of change. For me change is my whole mantra. I am a sales professional, so I continue to adapt myself and to push forward these changes to my clients. Some changes are welcome, some are not, but all happen for a reason.
In November our Group purchasing organization announced a very big change. We had decided to merge with one of the largest players in the industry. As a smaller player in the organization, we had concluded that this change was extremely beneficial for us and our customer base. Change sometimes is brought upon us whether we want it or need it. Almost always we manage to adapt to it. In this case I would almost definitely say that the change that is in order for our company is going to be massive.
Market forces are changing every facet of our day to day. Canada alone used to have 2800 viable distributors in our field or at least closely associated with it. Now that number has shrunk to just under 250. I think these drop offs have subsided as smaller distributors continue to grow and fill in the gaps left by massive acquisitions that have happened recently. In short- as Corporate Facility Supply has grown, so have our resources. We are stronger and better than we have ever been. Jump on the bus if you haven’t already. Our change is for the good! We look forward to the next decade in the most positive way we ever have!



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