Cleaning Inspection

Tell me a few tricks! A few years back we showed the value of black light and phosphorescent markers. What else can I employ to make sure that my surfaces are spotless? We’ve shown you the ATP meter. The ATP meter is the bomb as far as I am concerned. Scientific and very accurate you can get definitive answers whether your surfaces are clean or not. The tried and true white glove reveals hidden truths. But how do I do the white glove without buying parade gloves and walking around looking like a Michael Jackson wanna be? Try a clean white towel with mild cleaner. Walk around with a trigger sprayer full of mild cleaner. Spray and wipe. If your surfaces aren’t clean. You’ll know in seconds. My favorite quick and easy tool for cleaning inspection is definitely an alcohol swab. On 90% of all surfaces you will know how clean things are by just a couple of quick swipes. Remember most important of all inspection tools. Your eyes. If you take the time. And you should! You will know in short order how much time has been put into cleaning your facility. We have great software created to give you all the tools you need.


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