Cleaning Windows Part 1

No not the software…
Yes, people actually clean windows once in a while. Do you? It has gotten so much easier to clean windows than it used to be. The reason? Better chemistry and less of it and…. microfiber. Despite what they tell you at home parties, you do need to use a bit of cleaner to clean windows. The good news is you don’t have to use very much. If you are cleaning windows using a microfiber cloth, you can dilute your regular glass cleaning solution 10:1 with water. Great news! Just another way we work hard to eliminate the need you have for us! ; )
If you are using a squeegee don’t use glass cleaner, it isn’t necessary. More importantly if you are using a traditional ammonia window cleaner it will eat your squeegee alive. All that you need is a brush and a capful of dish detergent with tepid water. A microfiber cloth makes this job easier too!

While in Amsterdam I watched this at the Unger Cleaning Booth at Interclean 2016. Talk about speed! Click image to play.

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