Commercial versus Residential Cleaning Equipment

        If you’re like me and you like to save money, you obviously understand where I’m coming from when I say this. Just like anything else you purchase, a vacuum needs some consideration before you buy. When you visited a local retailer looking for a vacuum for home, you obviously realized there’s a drastic difference in the best to the worst. A recent trip down the retail vacuum aisle showed prices starting as low as $68.88 with highest prices at $350. Why would you not just buy the $68.88 model? It works, its easy to use, it has a dirt cup and doesn’t need vacuum bags. Let’s get that one for the office too you say.
        Did you know that residential products do not have warranty for commercial use? Did you know that dirt cups raise as much dust as they pick up? Hence, we don’t sell them. In fact, we only sell one vacuum for less than $350.00. There has to be a reason for this. Our vacuums go through vacuum bags like crazy…that’s bad isn’t it? Insert “LOL” here. More full bags mean less dust and dirt on your floors and in your air. Why would you consider buying a Proteam 1500XP? You get what you pay for as you are already aware. Take one out for a test drive and you’ll see!

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