Contact Time- Using Disinfectant

We all need a little love. Well all of us apart from microbes. Bacteria and viruses are the reason we live shorter lives, experience inconvenience through illness and experience general discomfort. They are not our friends in most cases. The invasive ones at least. I kinda fibbed there but it is all for the right reasons. Some bacteria are beneficial. Read my blog from 2017 about beneficial bacteria for those details.

We all know that there are disinfectants, sanitizers, and sterilants as well as various levels of contact killers that behave the like. Cleaning alone reduces the need for these for sure. Some disinfectants need 1 minute, some 2 minutes and some 10 minutes. If ever you are uncertain of how quickly your disinfectant works take a peek at the label on your concentrate product, it must tell you. How do I keep a surface wet with disinfectant for 10 minutes you ask? Especially in the winter or the depths of the summer when air conditioning is running at full speed? One tip aside from that of simply reapplying disinfectant: Use a bucket. Spray bottles don’t allow you to apply enough ready to use solution to get adequate disinfection. If you need a quicker disinfectant. Ask us we can help.

Some of our favourite disinfectants:


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