Delivery and Turn Around

We have studied our fill rates for the past nine years and continually tried to improve upon what we do.  In 2009 our fill rates were 92%.  We were of course fooling ourselves with that information as it wasn’t 100% true.  In fact, if we used the logarithms that we have now we would likely have seen rates of closer to 60%.  A few factors have influenced the improvement over the past nine or ten years for the better.  A few for the worse.  The question is where we at now with fill rates.  Speaking in an honest and simple fashion, currently we are at 76.3 % fill rate.  What is amazing about that?  Not much.  In fact, I am kind of a bit surprised, but it is scientific!  And HONEST! 

What are we planning to make this better?  We’ve all heard the 80-20 rule.  In fact, it is closer to the 90-10 rule in our case.  90 plus percent of our orders come from less than 10% of our items.  Improvement should be really easy in this kaizen world shouldn’t it then? It will be.  My plan by the end of 2019 is to have a 100% fill rate with 10% of our items.  That should be super easy, I think….

By mid-year we will have a guaranteed ship next day list published online and we will stick to it.  Barring catastrophes we will make it happen.  After all fulfillment is what we are all about, and 24 hours is what 2020 is going to be all about for us.  Back in 2009 72 hours was fulfillment.  In 2020 let me assure you that 24 hours is reality.  Drones with toilet paper aren’t quite here yet but they will be.  We plan to lead that charge.  


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