Does the ban on Triclosan Matter?

The news has been all a buzz this week with the ban of Triclosan anti-bacterial soap in Minnesota. This ban has now set a precedent for other states and possibly even Canada to follow. The main reason for this ban is the adverse health effects found by a University of Minnesota study. The study “raised concerns that [triclosan] can disrupt hormones critical for reproduction and development” as indicated by this CBC article.

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As a cleaning supply distributor, we have a wide range of hand care products. Out of our line-up only one of our products has triclosan as its anti-bacterial ingredient. Here at Corporate Facility Supply we place a strong emphasis on our Eco-Standard Solutions line up which encourages the use better for health and better for the environment products.

With this news we checked what our distribution was like for our hand cleaners, and it is very clear that even with the claim for being anti-bacterial, our triclosan based soap is our second least popular seller. Our best seller is our ‘green’ option. This goes to show that the message of thorough and regular hand washing with soap and warm water is the best way to combat the spread of germs is a best practice and this message is getting across to consumers.

Do you think it’s a good idea to ban triclosan based products based on this study? Are you going to continue to use them? Let us know by commenting on our linked in page or tweeting us @corpchem, sharing on google+.

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