Explain Acids in Cleaning to Me!

How do acids do their job?  Can you simplify the explanation of what they do?  Acid cleaners unlike alkali cleaners work mostly based by reacting chemically with their surroundings.  What is it about acids that cause them to work?  They don’t always work, therein lays the problem.  When they do though, they work effortlessly, and our clients tell us so.  I can give you two quick examples of what and how we got hugs from our customers.

Proxi: If you have been reading my blog you can skip this paragraph.  Just the same why not… Years back we brought on Oxyscrub on a whim.  The company that produced it only had two products.  Can you say Billy Mays?  Similar chemistry amazing results.  Oxyscrub was easy to use and involved no mechanical cleaning. Oxyscrub was eventually bought by Rochester Midland and eventually became Proxi.
A local brew it yourself wine store actually heard about it by word of mouth.  The owner who like all of us 20 years ago had white broadloom in her Livingroom, and like many of us had a giant wine stain.  When in Rome as they say. She sprayed, it went away.  The rest is history.  How does it work?  Grapes create their own acid-based dye.  That dye is dissolved by a chemical pairing process that reverses grape stains.  Shock and Awe kids!

Sink and Shower: In sunny Niagara Falls one of our contract cleaning customers asked us:  How do we clean this pool deck without making a mess or affecting the pools chemistry.  We can solve one of those but if Sink and Shower contacts a pools water it will lower the pH of water unfortunately.  The porcelain deck had rust stains and hard water solids build up that made things look horrible.  A foamer trigger and a scrub brush helped the sales rep. for our customer look like a genius.  How does it work?  Sink and Shower is a non-acid (Yes, it is still an acid) cleaner that creates an acid when it comes in contact with an oxidized chemical, reacts and removes the stain or solids.  Basically, two chemicals become one and a salt results with no stains.  Grade 9 science at work. ; ) Sink and Shower does lots of magic!  Try it in your shower


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