Fly and The Shotgun: A Story of Degreasers

Let’s take the discussion back to 10 years ago.  When a client with a greasy mess came in to see us they often asked for the strongest cleaning product we had.  Without a doubt we answered the question exactly the same as we do now.  The interesting thing is, over the past 10 years we’ve drastically reduced the number of solvents, VOCs and other harmful substances in our products.  We haven’t managed to get rid of solvent degreasers entirely, but just the same, over the last 10 years many more products have made it easier to clean with minimal solvents if none at all.  Gradually we have improved upon our greenest technologies and in our efforts to develop these products we have created truly safer cleaning solutions.  That said we haven’t been able to do so in a cost range that allowed most consumers to try these products without cringing.
Late last year a vendor brought in what he said was without a doubt the safest, most effective degreaser on the market.  Being a skeptic, I asked him for some examples of where it was truly successful.  He answered the question quickly and handed me a gallon to try.  All that I can offer you in response to this product is wow, the stuff works. 
DFE (Designed For the Environment) Alpha 3 is spectacular.  Best of all it has zero listed ingredients on its SDS (safety data sheet) and it doesn’t cost any more than our shotgun approach Blue Thunder.

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