Forty Years

Do I feel old?  Should I? Oh, wait I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about Corporate Facility Supply.  Happy Fortieth Birthday CFS!  For our first 35 years we were known as Corporate Chemicals and Equipment. Five years later nothing has changed.  Nothing earth shattering made me change our name.  I just decided that the word “chemical” is a bit off putting.  Scary in fact.  Even though everything on this earth is a chemical composition, I didn’t want my company to be known as a chemical company.  It has made some difference in what we do though.  People see us as their go-to for facility supplies rather than the place they go to get cleaning chemicals.  I find that A-OK!  Why?  Because my mantra is:  Use less chemical cleaning product and use it better.  We don’t ship water like we used to.  Gone are the days of selling drums of glass cleaner.  This itty-bitty bottle makes a full drum on its own.  That excites me like crazy!  And it works too!  We plan on developing programs and systems to make us better at what we do every day.  The next forty years are going to be even more exciting.  You have my word. 


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