Have you had enough?

For the past million or so years as business people we have relied upon sales people as the main force to contact other business people and to grow our enterprise. Quicker than a greyhound at sea level the world has changed. This change has been welcomed in many ways and not so welcome in others. I would really appreciate your opinion on this one: Do you believe that the industry consultant sales representative has outlived their need? I doubt this is totally possible, but in many cases, it might be true.
Think about what you get from regular contact with an account manager. If ever you can’t figure out a quick solution to a problem who do you lean on? Google? The answer is out there but who has it? I am sure you have researched something only to find out that the solution is wrong or better yet the solution is only available from a company in Walla Walla Washington. Great news, you’re stuck. Even better you invest $450.00 in supplies and nothing works as promised. Better yet the labels have dozens of warnings that would concern any reader.
The world of B to B sales will never be the same as it was in 1975, but there is plenty of room for those who have the answers. Consider human contact next time you have an issue. A quick phone call can quite often solve your problem more safely and quickly than a Yahoo search. Sales people who work to outwit the client or unduly persuade are no longer viable, that is for sure!

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  1. Tony C

    Sale reps have to change. As a sales rep you must have new research techniques, new ways to reach out to clients. Customize your emails. Expect what your client needs digitally. Access to information now , not later. Follow up on contacts now not in a week.

    There is room for them , but they have to evolve.

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