How to Clean Mold

Keep in mind that the words you are about to read are not given as recommendation- they are here to help enable you to make decisions.

Mold is insidious.  It is also a necessary evil.  Most mold exists whenever it has three things present: A food source, a climate that allows it to grow, and an abundance of moisture.  Therefore, eradication of mold most certainly relies upon eliminating one or more of these sources.  The easiest one is reduction in moisture believe it or not.  If you can’t control moisture, mold spores will continue to replicate.  Getting rid of mold is generally quite easy when you have the rest of the sources under control.
How do I get rid of mold?
1. Remove all sources of moisture.
2. Encapsulate the mold.
3. Remove the mold by following appropriate steps(link to details below).
4. Remove any affected surfaces by permanent remediation.
5. Prevent regrowth by treating the location.
6. Reconstruct and again prevent regrowth.
Cut and dry that’s it.  Here’s the problem: What kind of mold are you dealing with?  Health Canada has offered up some wonderful advice: Mold and Your Health. The best way to identify mold is to have a professional identify it for you.  Mold can be any number of colours, it can be in the surface and above the surface. Industrial hygienists offer advice and can quickly identify molds for you at a very acceptable price.  We are happy to recommend a few. Most importantly our recommendation is:  Talk to professionals!  Mold can create lifelong health concerns. Don’t take a rubber band to a gunfight. If you want to move forward on your own…We can help.

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  1. This is really informative post about the finding mold in your home is scary for homeowners, it is one of their worst nightmares, however, mold is a very real threat to nearly every home in the world…

    1. Chris Rogers

      Hi Mark,
      We agree, mold can be scary but with appropriate action and safety measures there’s no need to be scared!
      Thank you for your comment!
      Marina (Customer Service)

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