How to Clean Up Vomit

Yes, we all must face this nasty cleanup from time to time.  Make no mistake vomit is a biohazardous material.  You should take universal precautions whenever clean-up is necessary.  The worst part of the clean-up is the bulk removal.  Our recommended steps are as follows:
1. Wear personal protective equipment, disposable gloves, protective eyewear etc. Eye glasses are not considered to be protective eyewear.
2. For best results consider keeping a container or more of Rapi-Zorb from Corporate Facility Supply.  Dispose with care.  Place residue in a plastic bag,  preferably double bagged.
3. Clean the spill area with paper towel to remove most of the spill. Disinfectants cannot work properly if the surface has blood or other bodily fluids on it. Cloth towels should not be used unless they are to be thrown out.  Discard the paper towel in a sealed plastic bag.
4. Clean the affected area using a hospital grade disinfectant.  Allow the area 10 minutes wet time and to dry.
5. Discard contaminated paper towels, gloves and other disposable equipment in a plastic lined garbage bag.
6. Wash your hands and wrists.
What is the real trick aside from keeping your cookies contained while you clean?  Keep the surface wet after with disinfectant for 10 full minutes.  Contain all soiled clean-up equipment and products.  And may the force be with you!

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