How to: Get Rid of Urine and its Residue

Our number one cleaning dilemma in our storefront is: How do I get rid of the smell of urine?  We all love pets.  In fact, as the guy who makes the product to control their odours, I really appreciate pets.  Urine is a complex mixture of salts, proteins and sugars with a little bit of phosphates.  Removing urine can be easy if you know where it is.  Permanently removing its residue from a surface isn’t always easy when you don’t catch it in time.  Entire structures have been demolished from excessive urine damage, sometimes it’s just easier.  That known… science has most definitely come to the rescue.

Firstly, if there is urine present in one location there is likely urine present in many locations. Urine and cat spray can be as far as 2 feet up walls.  The best way to identify and locate urine is by using a black light because urine glows when exposed to a black light. These lights are readily available from us or other retailers.  In fact we will even loan you one.

The next step once you have located your problem areas is to mark them, a tiny tab of paper will help.  Next clean the surface.  If it is a porous or soft surface you can move forward to the next step.

Treat the area with a diluted solution of Professional UCT from Corporate Facility Supply.  It chemically and biologically breaks down the source and leaves surfaces cleaner and smelling great.  Occasionally a second treatment is required.  The trick is:  Make sure that the surfaces treated are wet with the solution for at least a couple of hours and the room temperature is above 16 degrees C.  We guarantee you will be happy!

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