How Wanted Do You Feel?

   We’ve all felt a little alone out there!  In our personal and work life we’ve all felt like we aren’t really valued from time to time.  This isn’t always about someone making a conscious decision to make us feel that way.  Sometimes we aren’t the only one out there,  surprise!  That said…  Does your vendor make you feel wanted?  Do they value your business?  Does your employer make you feel wanted?
  Recently one of my coworkers started to make me feel a bit frosty.  After a few questions around the office I was set straight.  It wasn’t about that coworker, it was about me.  I hadn’t followed through on a promise as quickly as expected and more importantly, it was an important one for that coworker.  For me it was just day to day minutia; that said I think the world of my coworker. Could I have dropped the ball? Am I Frank Shirley on National Lampoons Christmas Vacation? This time I was!  Are you dropping the ball?  Sometimes after years of doing the same thing over and over as distributors we forget to show our customers how much we value their business. 

How should distributors show their value for you? 

·         They should first and foremost say so!

·         They should treat you like number one every time they see you.

·         They should follow through with the promises they made years ago.

·         They should maintain consistency.  (N.B. We all have hiccups from time to time.  We all have to forgive them)

You know the truth already.  Are you getting what you were promised?  Do you still feel wanted?



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