iBet: The Future of Cleaning

iBet. I’m sure you do bet. Most of us do from time to time, if you don’t bet then you’re a better person that me! All kidding aside, what is iBet about? It is without a doubt the most underused resource we have. Surprise! An underused resource. We have for years and years tried to stay ahead of the curve. Betco (one of our key suppliers) has always done everything they could to stay ahead of that curve as well. What does iBet do you say?
The iBet® Facility Resources Suite is a comprehensive approach to facility maintenance, training and evaluation. iBet enables organizations to critically assess their current cleaning and maintenance programs while offering a detailed plan.
Visit the site:  http://www.betco.com/resources/ibet-facility-resources-information
Of course, we have to be involved a bit in the process, but we are sure you will be shocked how much time and value this free software offers Betco fans. For a full tour ask us and we will show you the future of cleaning.

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