Ice Melter vs. Salt

Salt on a wound or in your pool, just don’t put salt on your concrete! Why? Salt corrodes concrete.  How can I stop this you ask?  Try Ice Melter.  But isn’t Salt an Ice Melter?  True it is, but is it the best thing for the job?  No. Salt only melts effectively up to about -3 degrees C. Our Contractor’s Choice Ice Melter melts down as low as -25 degrees C (other brands may not be quite so effective). Calcium Chloride has been touted to melt as low as -37 degrees C, which brings up another point.  Heat causes expansion and pore damage to concrete.  Concrete behaves like our skin.  If exposed to cold the pores of concrete close, if exposed to heat they expand.  This of course is oversimplified but it explains the end result very well.  What makes Melt Down so safe and so effective? CMA(Calcium Magnesium Acetate) is the additive in our ice melter that creates more heat and quicker melt times while protecting concrete from the corrosive nature of heat and salts. Try the stuff.  It goes three times as far as traditional rock salt and it works!



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