It was the best of times it was the worst of times…

Time is always a factor when we calculate cost in the Janitorial world.  Without consequence, Janitorial services have bid for years on the logic of get it and we will make it work.  As time and the almighty dollar add up so do losses.  I am often asked- How much should I bid?  My answer is just this to anyone who asks:  As a Cleaner your time is worth two times what your cost is including payload.  As a supervisor 2.5 times your cost-plus payload and vehicle.  As an owner.  Your time is priceless. 
So many people have tried and failed at the game of self-employ because they don’t know their real cost versus sale price.  If you intend to work in the contracting field you must learn these numbers to succeed.  Just the same as we do in the manufacturing and distribution world.  The good news!!!  You have a world of information at your fingertips.  Use the internet to make you money.  When that fails keep on asking questions.  Answers will appear.
The world of bid it at cost and hope for the best is coming to an end.  The number of contractors out there is shrinking and the number of interested employees is too.  Use caution when you bid.  It makes a lot more sense to work for profit that nothing.  If you can’t make money in your current field-Go back to school.

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