Old Stuff- Not all Things are Meant to Age!

When I was 23 and a new sales person I was sent off to sunny Dunnville in mid-January to sell cleaning products by my father. Not an exciting trip, but I discovered that the time spent in Dunnville offered me a great boost in experience as well as a group of clients that nearly twenty-five years later are still equally loyal.  That’s small-town Canada!
When I visited one of the more visible churches in town I saw something that kind of shocked me.  A container of R&R Chemicals dust mop treatment!
At the time R&R Chemical hadn’t been in business for 16 years, and this container just appeared on a shelf deep in the basement of this church. Not that it was still wise to use the product so long after production.  I just wish I had the foresight to take a picture at the time!
A few weeks ago one of our newest reps visited an office building in Hamilton to find a 4 litre container of D’light. We haven’t sold D’light washroom cleaner in 15 years so I was shocked to see it!  History aside here is the moral of the story: If you suspect a cleaning product is over 2 years old-  Don’t use it!  Follow proper procedures according to the SDS and dispose of the product safely. We guarantee 99% of our products for 2 years.  This is for good reason and sage advice!

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