Our Value

I think back to when I started as a sales representative. Oh wait heard that one before….true you have, but the rest to follow you haven’t. Bathroom cleaners were like dynamite. Degreasers used obnoxious solvents, then along came Citrusolve. Citrusolve was without a doubt the greatest innovation in cleaning that I saw until about 1994. It cut through grease like a champ and smelled great the whole time doing so. The power of Orange oil was touted by TV hucksters ten years after the creation of Citrusolve. This wonder product hit the market in 1983. Wow that’s a long time ago! Where have things gone since then? We took Citrusolve and made it safer and better. Since then we managed to get hold of a wonderful product named Tough Job from Rochester Midland. Tough Job is one of the coolest products that I have ever used. Not too much foam, great solvency and best of all- It’s safe! Try some! We guarantee you will be impressed. Our promise is pretty simple. If we say it will work, it will! If you aren’t happy simply return the unused portion of your purchase.

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