Peak Serve, Peak Service

Picture this: You have 1,500 people visiting your facility every day. What is the biggest concern on the facility manager’s mind? Slip falls of course. Shortly after followed by: catastrophic events and power outages. Ok maybe number 5 on the list: (not)running out of paper products in the washroom. For years manufacturers of paper products have endeavored to create systems that get closer to this goal. Washroom tissue dispensers are light years ahead of where they were even twenty years ago. With the addition of systems like Tork’s EasyCube facility managers can identify washrooms that are out of product as quickly as they happen… but towel dispensers have been left by the wayside. Imagine that! The biggest washroom cost you have is abused and left by the wayside. Until now. The Tork Peakserve system offers a nearly never out system with a sensible footprint.
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The best part of this system? It offers you piece of mind. If you are like most Facility Managers you have 25 to 30 % less staff than you did ten years ago. You need a solution and that solution is Tork Peakserve.
Watch this quick video and tell me this isn’t awesome!

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