Personal Protective Equipment- Wear it!

How much of a fan are you of PPE? Do you wear gloves when you work? Do you wear glasses or goggles when you clean? Masks? My question goes a bit deeper than a simple “do you” question…
I need to know your rationale for why you don’t like safety equipment. For years we’ve tried to make better safety equipment- better fitting, more effective, and generally nicer. Still to this day people don’t take the time to don their safety equipment. Why? I know a lot of reasons why but there has to be more. Gloves are easier to wear than ever, they’re more comfortable and less likely to make your hands sweat. Still many cleaners don’t see the merit in wearing them. Glasses are more comfortable and look far more stylish than ever before. For maybe a few bucks more, your staff might just use them! Have you ever been fitted? Have you ever looked for a better pair? Even if safety glasses cost $100 a pair they are inexpensive when compared to the challenges of permanent damage to your eyes. We can fit your staff professionally. It just might be the step forward in health and safety that wakes a few people up.

Do you have a workplace PPE success story? Share it with us in the comments below!

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