TORK Premium Soft Xpress Multifold Hand Towel


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Tork Premium Soft Xpress® 4-Panel Multifold Hand Towels. Superior appearance, hand feel, strength and absorbency. Combine softness with sustainability for QuickDry™ performance as QuickDry™ products offer a quick and highly absorbent hand drying experience.

  • High-performance towels mean customers use less, resulting in greater cost savings and reduced waste.
  • Maintain a high-end image with reduced waste and clutter.
  • Hands dry faster thanks to greater absorbency and overall better performance.
  • Contains minimum 50% recycled fiber, minimum 40% post-consumer fibers – environmental benefit and positive image builder.
  • EPA Compliant and FSC® Certified for reduced environmental impact.

Fits in all TORK/SCA Xpress Dispensers (wall mounted and countertop).

Additional information

Weight 12.4 kg
Dimensions 38 × 45 × 53 cm


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