Safety, Health and Cleaning Supplies

This chemical is caustic says a client, as I review the Safety Data patch on the WHMIS 2015 ready label. Knowing full well that bathroom cleaners are very rarely alkaline, I asked her what the issue was. She said to me that she had inhaled fumes from the shower cleaner and couldn’t breathe properly for a couple of days after. By my estimation she is lucky if that is even part of the truth, some lung damage is irreparable. I could drag this one out for six paragraphs and dizzy you with statistics. I won’t… It’s mid July as I write this and I want out of the office for a bit.;) Better application of safety is all that she needed (think PPE).
What do you need to know?
Trust experts who know. Trust that if you are working with the right cleaning product supplier, you will get the right answers and the safest application methods and supplies right away when you order your product. A warehouse club might be convenient, but rarely less expensive. We can prove it. Get knowledge, value and price from Corporate Facility Supply.

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