Sensation Odour Counteractant: A Sense-ational Solution

Sensation works, need I say more?  Well of course I must.  Mr. Verbose needs to stand on his soapbox (ironic that I make soap for a living isn’t it?).
If you’re reading this then you already know that I am not only charming, but also like to get my opinions heard. This however, is not about opinion.  It’s all about hard proof.
Odours are something that we all take personally.  Not because we created them, but because everyone has a different affinity towards scent.  Some odours aren’t bad for all affected. For example Mrs. Jones might think your building smells horrible while Mr. Smith thinks things smell super fresh.  Or vice versa.  The science of scent is truly becoming an industry unto itself.  Manufacturers are working hard to generate products that make your building smell consistent and wonderful without affecting sensitivities or spreading VOC’s.  We’re happy to tell you more about that in another blog.
Sensation Original Odour Counteractant is effective because it uses two different odour control products that don’t mask or temporarily hide odours… they eliminate them.  Sensation uses odour pairing as well as odour neutralization to do its magic.  Sensation smells great and does so without overpowering you or your guests.

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