In the early years of Corporate Facility Supply we were definitely a simple company, cleaning products numbered at a maximum of 16. That number has multiplied itself by at least 50 and in stock that number of 800 exists and it boggles my mind. We are always looking for the next big solution to today’s cleaning concern, hence the need for more products. However, I am consciously attempting to reduce some of the duplication and more importantly some of the waste that happens resulting from excess use.
In the process of establishing green housekeeping at local educational facilities we discovered that some closets can have 20 + cleaning products. That needs to change, most importantly for safety. Safety Data Sheets need to be 100% up to date for the final stages of the assumption of the WHMIS 2015, GHS transition. If you want to reduce the number of products that you use take a look at last week’s blog My First Recommendation for Reduction and stay tuned! We have more solutions coming your way.

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  1. Lori

    What kid of laundry détergent do you have to clean clothes with rust dirt and oil resudue from my drains and crystals in hotwater tank.Its all over clothes towels sheets.when i tryed all the détergent s to get rid of limescale build up it doent work .Can you recemend something that will.its hard water build up aswell.Thanks Lori

    1. Chris Rogers

      Thank you for your question. The easiest way to avoid these challenges doesn’t really involve detergent. In spite of our interest in selling product we have to direct you in another way. A water softener will likely solve 99% of these problems. In the short term though, I would recommend that you consider a closer to neutral pH laundry detergent (Sensibly Clean H.E.) as it will alleviate some of the staining that higher pH detergents create. If you are in a commercial laundry we can certainly help without the addition of a water softener. Should that be the case please give us a call.
      For the rust stains try Pro R and for the oil residue I recommend our Vanish G as a pre-treatment.

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