Square floor pads

It kind of makes sense doesn’t it? Most rooms are square and most surfaces are flat where we use scrubbers. Then why not? I, like many industry veterans, started off without automatic scrubbers in most locations. Nowadays almost every building with 5000 or more square feet of floor have an automatic floor scrubber. Makes sense too doesn’t it? Time is money. Mopping takes 7 times as long in most cases as scrubbing does. Why didn’t I like square pad machines? Bad memories from the 70’s I guess. In the mid 70’s we used to sell square floor machines and oh my, were they loud! And they needed to be serviced fortnightly… not really that often, but frequently let’s say. Up until recently that was still the case, every 50 hours of use many square scrubbers needed to be serviced. We are proud to say that the machines we sell don’t even need service in 1000 hours. We definitely weren’t first out of the gate with square pad scrubbers, but we are the first with the best. We sell two different machines with this technology. And I am 100 percent confident that you will love it.



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