Stealth Machines

This morning I read a great article about how amazing the new F35 fighter jet is. As much as I dislike a world without peace, I find it amazing how wonderful technology is. The Stealth like fighter jet can go undetected for miles. Until of course it is far too late to react.

The Stealth auto scrubber series has been made with the same technical genius as the F35 Fighter Jet. But our Stealths use a quiet operation system so that you don’t have to be disturbed by a whining vacuum motor. Daytime cleaning has become a reality. Especially in education and healthcare. Stealth™ features new innovative design with Stealth Noise Reduction Technology making it 4 times quieter than other standard automatic scrubbers. Standard features include rugged weighted squeegee assembly which helps reduce slip and fall injuries, user friendly controls, and tanks that are easy to drain and clean. User friendly operator controls make the Stealth a pleasure to use.

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