Stretching the Almighty Dollar

Systems, systems, systems.  A market analyst suggested to us as sales reps that we need to use systems to sell in the 90’s.  Something in this speech hit home with me, but I lost track along the way.  Not so much the repetition to drive things home; as much as I hear it works!  Consistency is my number one directive for our company.  Developing programs that work with common synergies and common appearance.
In 2014 we began the long process of re-labeling all of our products.  This endeavor was far larger than we had expected and far more useful than we could have ever expected.  In late 2018 we were 100% done the process.  Having eliminated about 50 products along the way we came to this conclusion- fewer products with better labeling simply makes sense.  More importantly we help to eliminate confusion for end users.  Consistency and simplicity solves problems and duplication.  You really don’t need four different deodorizers do you?   Would you like help to reduce and rationalize how we affect your world?  We’ve done some amazing things.  Recently while greening a facility we managed to reduce the number of products that they use from 47 to 8 total products, and all things considered after 9 months they are pretty happy.  We hope that you have experienced benefits from our rationalized selection.  Consider the same process when you order cleaning chemistry in the future.  Fewer products will definitely make your job easier.  Less explanation of what and how and more doing!

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