About Us

How long have you been in business?
Since 1980.

Do you deliver?
Yes! We have a full-time delivery truck to bring your order right to your front door/loading dock/location.

Where do you deliver to?
We deliver throughout Niagara and the GTA. For orders to be delivered outside of this area we are happy to quote shipping with your order.

Is there a minimum order?
No, however shipping is free on orders over $150 in the Niagara region or on orders over $200 in the Hamilton/Toronto area. Under these ‘minimums’ delivery charges apply of $8.50 and $16.00 respectively. In the rest of Ontario a $550 order minimum applies for free shipping.

Are you open to the public?
Absolutely! Our showroom is located at 7 Neilson Ave, St.Catharines ON. Our online shop is also open to the public however we do not currently accept payment online. Please provide your contact number with your order and a member of our staff will contact you to co-ordinate payment and shipping.

How to:

How do I strip and refinish my VCT?
We made a step by step video tutorial on refinishing VCT that is up on our youtube. Check it out HERE. When you’re ready to start the process, let us know and one of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

How do I know I’m using the right product?
If you’re ever unsure if the product you’re thinking of using for a job is the right one, or if you’re concerned about interactions between different chemicals, please allow one of our knowledgeable members of staff assist you. Safety first!

How do I pick the right machine for my building?
Choosing the correct machine for your facility depends on several factors- usage, area, storage, budget etc. The first step is to decide what you want to accomplish with your new machine (scrubbing, burnishing, polishing etc), the second step is to have a professional assessment of your facility’s needs. We have several experts who, like a good tailor, will help you find the perfect fit.

How do I get rid of urine smell?
Once the initial mess has been ‘cleaned’ it is common for an odour to linger on. The easiest and most effective method to defeat biological odours like urine, is to use a biological. We have a specially formulated product (UCT) which contains bacteria that breakdown and digest residual urine on the cellular level so it can’t make that horrible smell anymore. Safe to use on most water safe surfaces, contact us for specific use instructions.


Will you service my machine?
We have an experienced service tech who is available to do in-house service/repairs on most commercial vacuums, floor machines and extractors. When you purchase large equipment from us, we have optional preventative maintenance (PM) service you can sign up for to keep your machine working at its best.

Do I have to bring my machine in to your shop for service?
It is generally better to bring your machine into our shop for repair if possible. For some larger floor machines which moving to our shop would be too difficult, we offer an on-site repair service. We also offer a pickup service to customers with an account with us.

I’m opening a new store and need my dishwasher set up.
We have a trained technician who can set up your dishwasher, so you get optimal results every time. We also offer dishwashers for rent, lease or to buy. Contact us for a quote.

I want to make my building maintenance more efficient, any advice?
We offer on-site assessment! We’ll come to you and assess your building or business and suggest ways/products to optimize efficiency and costs for maintenance.

1(800)661-3259 or (905)682-8888 or sales@corpfs.com