The Concrete Truth Part 3!

Do you want to know the oversimplified version of how to polish concrete?
I am happy to outline the quickest and easiest way to give you amazing results with concrete.  However, I would strongly recommend that you consider getting as much training as you can.
Step one: Decide where to start with your grinding process, an educated eye will help a lot here.
Step two: Grind the floor starting with your machine in a cross hatching pattern, usually 4-6 passes will work.  This process stays wet until 800 grit diamonds.
Step three: Progress through your diamonds until you complete 400 grit.  Clean your floor to the point where you would consider it spotless.
Step four: Apply a densifier, I like Lithium Silicate.
Step five: Allow the floor about 45 minutes to an hour to dry.
Step six: Begin polishing the floor with 800 grit diamonds, about the same number of passes works all the way through.  You can choose to do a 1500 grit diamond or progress to concrete polishing pads.
Step seven: Work your pads through to reveal the gloss that your concrete floor has within.
Step eight: Apply no topical coating if you aren’t able to revisit this floor at least twice per year.  Polish guard is wonderful but it must be maintained, we can help with this step.  Truthfully it offers a spectacular visual and a very satisfied customer.

The end.  But realistically you need an educated eye to guide you through until you are an expert. This is labor intensive work, consider getting too much help rather than just enough.

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