The Power of Oxygen

The most essential element on the periodic table without a doubt is Oxygen.  Without it life fails to exist. Without it many cleaning processes don’t work as well.  For years, we have focused on using stronger chemicals to remove soils.  Recently we added a new product to our line- Stella Pot and Pan Soap.  We designed it with all the water conditioners that would make it an effective, lasting solution and remove soils quickly.

One thing was missing- Oxygen.  My testing team which mostly consists of family members helped me to quickly realize the stuff didn’t foam enough.  Ugh…  “True, I said but it removes grease from everything it touches”.  “It does they said… But the foam dies and it stops working”.  So why not try to boost the foam and see if it works better?  I did, and it does.  Lesson learned.  The power of oxygen in cleaning is every bit as essential as the wetter water that detergents bring to us.  Foam isn’t necessary in most cleaning processes; but when you clean things with lots of soil it sure helps.

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