To Whine or not to Wine- A Carpet Stain Solution

When I was 9 my Father and mentor said: “Stop whining”.  In the case of wine stains versus broadloom I disagree.  It’s ok to whine when you have a wine stain on your beautiful white living room rug. It stinks when you can’t just step back in time to that moment when the dog ran in between Aunt Ethel’s legs and forced her to spill her wine.  Wine itself has no effect on people’s ability to hold a wine glass, honest!
We have a solution!  Proxi Spray and Walk Away.
1. Find a stain.
2. Spray it.
3. Walk the other way!
Guess what there’s more!  Proxi works on hundreds of stains, not just wine.  The chemical nature of Proxi allows it to permanently remove protein and some acid base dye stains.  Even better.  It’s cheap at twice the price.  Time is money and Proxi involves very little time or money.  Try it; you’ll love it!

Need to see it to believe it?

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