Toilet Paper-Where Quality Matters

Why do people take toilet paper so seriously?  I’m not talking about the bears dancing around on your TV screen caressing the roll of the softest stuff you can find.  I’m simply talking about why do you stick so closely to the vendor you deal with?  Twenty-five years of spending every single moment of time in my mind absorbed into the world of commercial washrooms.  Yes, you heard it, my mind is consumed with commercial washrooms.  And it’s closer to 32 years, all through my high school career I worked at Corporate too.  I have found that people stick to their vendors and don’t want change.  Why you ask?  Simply enough we all want consistency.  The question is- Are you getting the right consistency?  Is your vendor bringing you the same product with every order?  Are you getting it quickly?  The price question seems to be the only differentiator with washroom products. 

Consider this:  Are you are getting consistent product quality at the right price?  If so you are right, no need to fix what isn’t broken.  You just need to look once in a blue moon to make sure that the apples your current suppliers have are as crisp as the ones we have.  Or in this case as soft. 


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