Toilet Seat Covers

What is the most undervalued restroom product? Toilet Seat Covers.
Toilet seat covers?????  How can toilet seat covers make a difference in your facility?
Toilet seat covers will accomplish two things:
#1 They will cut down toilet paper consumption. How? The average washroom user will use 13 feet of toilet tissue to protect themselves on a toilet seat.
#2 They will make your facility look better. How? The small pieces of toilet tissue that are left on the ground after patrons visit your public restroom will not be there!
All things considered ….
You will provide your guests with a more sanitary environment and you’ll save money on toilet tissue- At an average cost of 1.8 cents per toilet seat cover.
You will save 4.5 cents per patron on toilet tissue.  The environment will experience a great deal less abuse. Less paper will make it’s way into municipal water treatment.
Our suggestion is:
Buy one starter pack of toilet seat covers with a free dispenser. See the results for yourself. We know you will see very quickly why toilet seat covers
are so common in other parts of the world.

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