Top 5 Reasons to Buy Local

Green is hip.  It’s good it’s important!
Why should I buy local?  Canadian made? From my own home town?  I could list eighty-five reasons why.  Will you think of them when you buy your next bottle of floor cleaner?  I hope so, since we are the best local manufacturer of the best cleaning products.
Reason One: If it is made here it won’t have to traverse the world get to you.  Burning inordinate amounts of fossil fuels.
Reason Two: Local jobs.  You’ve heard it said before: there are two spinoff jobs for every manufacturing job created.  That just makes sense if you want your hometown to be more successful.
Reason Three: When you deal with a local company you get help when you need it.
Reason Four: If you aren’t happy with the product will you easily be able to return the product to the store you bought it from?  In our case we have a 100% satisfaction promise.
Reason Five: You get what you pay for from local vendors.  Small companies can’t afford to take advantage of you, and don’t want to.
OK, so that’s not eighty-five, but it’s a start.  There are so many other reasons that are obvious, these are just a start.



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