Two Step Cleaning Noooooooo!

Two step cleaning,sometimes it’s necessary like it or not. Not always, but some tasks need two steps to get optimal results. For example: Toilets are not always the cleanest place wherever they might be housed; cleaning them is only half of the battle. We’ve all heard this one a zillion times- just because it looks clean doesn’t mean that it is. Quite often it is a true statement. Bacteria are all too happy to stick around long after cleaning. The solution is simple. Appropriate contact time with a Quaternary Ammonium disinfectant (like our Daily Disinfectant) makes a world of difference.  Daily Disinfectant at ready to use dilution, is by far the least expensive product that we sell. If you don’t use it currently, ask for a sample. As I always say time is money. Disinfectant takes time; but the time that it takes far outweighs the consequences.



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