UCT! What a Horrible Name

I did it.  I stepped over the line again.  Inappropriate Chris says Mrs. Rogers.  It sounds like you are swearing.  It wasn’t even on purpose and it wasn’t a terrible pun.  It was a bit of a goof up in label design and a whole bunch of me calling it what it is.  UCT is short of course for Urine Contamination Treatment.  Made to biologically and chemically reduce Urine to nothing.  UCT has billions of tiny microbes on board that break down Urine and reduce the smell to nothing.  We guarantee it.  No caveats.  As long as this stuff contacts Urine and stays wet for a bit, it removes the smell.  The real trick is usually finding the urine and keeping it wet long enough for the microbes to do their job.  Try a black light.  **We loan them free of charge.  And wow do they ever bring a bitter reality to light!  Hehe.  Play on words I’m sorry.  So no it isn’t totally UCT It’s amazing and easy to use.


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  1. Victoria Clarke

    Every home with pets and little kids needs this product!

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