Vinegar is for…

Yup here we are talking about the biggest misnomer in cleaning. “Is vinegar good for cleaning?” Without a doubt the answer is no. Vinegar serves a lot of purpose in cleaning process, it just doesn’t really clean. It neutralizes, it rinses and evaporates. Windows don’t really like vinegar either, the tolerate it. Glass cleaner is cheaper regardless. One thing Vinegar is great for? French fries. Wait-I’ve already used that one. Acetic acid is an amazing weed killer. Although we can’t really say that it is a weed killer. We’ll just call it the Farmer’s Secret. Cut this stuff 50/50 and spray ’til your heart is content. Weeds, grass and anything that undergoes the process of photosynthesis can’t stand the stuff! We’ve added a few other goodies to Farmer’s Secret to make it even better than it was before.


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