What difference has the $14.00 minimum wage made in Ontario?

January 2018 spelled a massive increase in wage minimum from $11.60 to $14.00 per hour. This of course caused a massive outcry from the public business community. What has changed since that increase? Are we better off or are we worse off? Has lifestyle for those most affected been changed? Have the cost of building materials increased? No. Nor has the price of cars or gasoline. The categories which are most affected have obviously been food, soft goods and commodities. Go to the carwash. Maybe that might hit home a bit quicker…
The commercial cleaning industry however, due to the increase of cost of labour, has suffered greatly. Typically, janitorial firms sign contracts committing to an ongoing price for cleaning facilities. These contracts often do not allow for price increases from labour. As a result, there has been significant turnover in these contracts. Those contractors who opted to absorb these costs have suffered as well. The end results? A sub now costs $7.49 at Subway and bananas cost $1.00 per pound. Good or bad the increase was needed. Real-Estate has nearly doubled in value over the past five years in Southern Ontario. Have wages kept up? No – case closed! Like many business people I just wish this increase had been implemented a bit less radically.

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