What do you need to know about deep cycle batteries?

First and foremost, there are a lot of people who have very strong beliefs about batteries and their manufacture as well as durability. Secondly, batteries where I am concerned are not the kind you use in your flashlight.  I am referring to wet cell (acid) deep cycle batteries that are used in floor scrubbers, golf carts and solar systems.  Solar power storage systems are not relevant to this discussion however.

We sell only one manufacturer’s battery.  Why?  Because we know that if there is an issue with manufacturer flaws it will be solved, and quickly at that.  Most manufacturers have got their goods together when it comes to quality and durability.  From best to worst in class with North American Manufacturers there might be a 15% variance in longevity.  Not bad….  Not great.

What is the issue then?  Why are batteries always so stressful?  Like most pieces of work equipment that break, batteries are subject to user error.  What is the number one user error?  Short charging.  Users operate fully charged machines until they are drained sufficiently which is A-OK!  Here is where the issue occurs.  The operator has 99% of their work done and they just need to get a few minutes out of the batteries.  So batteries are charged for 15 or 20 minutes to finish out the day’s work.  This is a Faux pas.  Simple rules with batteries:  Always charge them 100% before using the machine again, and
always store batteries fully charged.  Case closed 90% of all battery failure resolved.  And millions of dollars saved.  Battery sales guys the world over frown    ; )
How else can batteries get damaged?
• Battery powered machines are used for a few minutes and put away plugged into the charger.
This is not necessary.  Batteries will self stabilize after short use.
• Machines are stored with the power on.  A drained battery will be sometimes irreparable.
• Operators refill batteries with tap water.  Simple rule…  Always use distilled water.
• There are certainly other reasons for failure.  The top five are here.
I could probably do a top ten list for fun.  I just might.

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