What is an IK Pen?

The technology around the IK Pen has existed for years but has it been available to everyone as readily as it is now?  The IK Pen uses phosphorescent ink to identify if a surface has been cleaned properly. How? As you may be aware most living matter tends to glow in the dark when exposed to black light.  This is because living matter has phosphorous on board as part of its make-up.  The easiest way to see if your cleaners are doing their most necessary tasks is simple.
1.Write with an IK Pen on the surface that you expect to be cleaned. 
2.Wait until your cleaner has done their task. 
3.Turn off the lights, tell a few ghost stories and turn on the black light. 
In two ways you will see if cleaning has been done effectively.  The marks from the Pen itself will glow if the surface has not been adequately cleaned and any bodily fluid residues will glow.  Urine especially so! Ask for a quick demo,  you’ll be shocked and awed.

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